Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Piano Cover: Kokoro no Senritsu (Tari Tari)

Happy one-year anime-versary to me! The Summer 2012 airing season marks the one-year anniversary of my entry into anime, and it's certainly been a colorful year. In retrospect, it's hard for me to imagine what I was doing with all my time before this sudden infusion of Japanese weirdness into my life. More productive things, probably.

Even before the shows started airing, Tari Tari was the show I believed I would most enjoy this season, and so far I've had no reason to believe otherwise. (Might be because I'm only following one or two other shows so far, but that's beside the point.) How can you not love a show that centers around both music and cute anime girls? Oh, there are guy characters too? You'd never tell from the promo art.

The opening and main ending themes of Tari Tari are both quite cute, but the song I really fell in love with was "Kokoro no Senritsu" ("Melody of the Heart" in English), an insert song from Episode 2 that lingered as the second ending theme. I get a really nostalgic feeling from listening to that song, and I can't quite figure out why; maybe it's the "school choir" feel of the song. "Ending Theme 2" might be the simplest descriptor for Kokoro no Senritsu, but I'd argue that it's closer to a "main theme" for Tari Tari, as it's recurred on multiple occasions and was even used in the original trailer -- which is really where I first fell in love with the song. This is all leading up to my own piano cover, of course. :P Enjoy!

Kokoro no Senritsu (Tari Tari): Piano Cover

Composer: Shiro Hamaguchi
Date Completed: 2012-07-23
Software: Audacity, Movie Maker, Sony Vegas
Number of Takes: 5?
Instrumentation: Piano

Now that you've collected your jaws from the ground after seeing my amazing overlapping piano/anime loveliness, let's talk about this music. :P This is one of my less liberal arrangements; I tried to stick mostly with the original chords for this one. Still, I may have replaced a few of the boring I6/4 chords with more interesting III chords, and maybe altered some of the chord inversions due to laziness. Hey, I still think it sounds all right. >_>

Before I make my exit here, I'd like to mention that I'll be on hiatus for the next month or so in preparation for my qualifications exam. Considering that failure here results in me getting kicked out of school, I'll need all the study time I can get. Have a great rest of July and August, and I'll see you again soon!

Jaa ne,