My YouTube Channel
This is where I put all of my piano covers, tutorials, and a few other tidbits. I hope to put more videos up on my channel, so stay tuned!

My SoundCloud
I have a few arrangements and compositions from my past years up on my SoundCloud account. I'm fairly picky about what ends up on here (it has to sound somewhat better than a typical midi), but I anticipate adding many more tunes in the future.

Josh's Anime Sheet Music Collection
An archive of anime-related sheet music, transcribed and arranged by my fellow enthusiastic musician-animefans. It's quite a superb collection; check it out!

My friends' cosplay blog, filled with photos, tutorials, lessons learned, wishlists, and more. They are awesome people and seriously talented cosplayers; you should drop by!

My Anime List
Welp, I can't really pretend I'm not an anime fan anymore. Accordingly, here's a link to my MyAnimeList profile (is that redundant?), where you can see all of the shows I've watched and compare my flawless tastes to your own. :P

Darkpierrot's YouTube Channel
My dear friend darkpierrot has kindly uploaded recordings of a few of my video game arrangements to her YouTube site. Check it out if you're curious, and don't forget to say hi! XD

Duke University Percussion Ensemble
Though not quite related to most of my work on here, I'm particularly proud of my involvement with DUPE. Check out its blog if you're interested! :D