Monday, October 29, 2012

Piano Cover: Tsumetai Heya, Hitori (K-Project)

First of all, let me just mention how unbelievably frustrating it is to look up anything about an anime that's just named "K." I needed to get that off of my chest.

Anyhoo, the Fall 2012 anime season started not too long ago, and I've been quite happy with the selection of shows I've chosen to follow this time around. One of these, of course, is the frustratingly-named K, whose content is just as confusing and nondescript as the title. Even four episodes in, I still can't really figure out what the hell is going on, apart from a bunch of bishonen dudes all trying to kill the main character and a catgirl who is naked as often as they can get away with it.

In any case, that may all sound like pretty harsh criticism, but I'm actually enjoying the show a lot. The art is pretty, the characters are likable enough, the show doesn't take itself too seriously, and perversely enough, the fact that I can't figure out the show is actually drawing me back. (Also, awww cute kitty. :D)

Of course, I'm not going to talk about a show without talking about its music, so I'd like to note that the K ED is one of the prettiest anime themes I've heard, ever. It might not be as gets-stuck-in-your-head-catchy as the Tari Tari or Tsuritama EDs, but in terms of sheer beauty it's definitely got 'em beat, right up there with the Dantalian no Shoka OP. If you've read this far, you probably know that I'm about to show off my piano cover of this song, so here it is!

Tsumetai, Heya Hitori (K-Project): Piano Cover

Artist: Mikako Komatsu
Date Completed: 2012-10-25
Software: Audacity, Movie Maker, Sony Vegas
Number of Takes: Urgh
Instrumentation: Piano

Oops, should have said sorry (or you're welcome?) in advance for the fanservicey anime clip; I looked for alternatives (really, I did), but this ED clip worked so well for the music that I couldn't turn it down. As for the actual arrangement, I always thought this ED would make a really pretty solo piano piece, and I think I was right. Was pretty conservative with this arrangement, and tried to keep all the low and high points as they were in the original song. I'd also like to note that the first chord progression in the song is probably my favorite chord progression ever. SO PRETTY. I, for one, can't wait to hear the full version of this ED when it's finally released.

EDIT: Due to popular demand, I've uploaded the sheet music here, and an mp3 here. Enjoy! :)

How'd I do? Let me know in the comments! And happy almost-Halloween!

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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Tutorial: Kokoro no Senritsu (Choir Version)

Hi again! You might notice that this is my second post about the same song: Kokoro no Senritsu from Tari Tari. It's not like me to post twice about the same song, but since the show finished up recently and the full choir version was released, I couldn't help revisiting the song. It's just so damn catchy, and the performance by the Makuhari Sogo High School Chorus Club was fantastic. Check out some more of their stuff here, by the way.

Here, have a picture of Mahiru and mini-Wakana! They're awesome.

This transcription, with full three-part voice and piano lines, was a lot of fun to work on. The harmonies were all fairly straightforward, with perhaps a few bars of exception. The voice parts were enjoyable to figure out as well, and it was cool to see myself unconsciously calling upon a lot of the rules I learned in my music theory classes. Putting together the Synthesia tutorial after the transcription, however, was less fun because uncooperative software was uncooperative. Still, what's done is done, and here's the video for your viewing/learning pleasure!

Composer: Shiro Hamaguchi
Date Completed: 2012-10-20
Software: Finale 2008, Fraps, Synthesia, SynthFont, Movie Maker
Instrumentation: Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Piano

Those interested in the sheet music can find it here, and for those interested in giving the piano part a shot in Synthesia (it was pretty hard for me =X), the MIDI's here. Thanks for dropping by, and enjoy!

Also, watch Tari Tari. It's a really cute little feel-good show. :)