Saturday, October 20, 2012

Tutorial: Kokoro no Senritsu (Choir Version)

Hi again! You might notice that this is my second post about the same song: Kokoro no Senritsu from Tari Tari. It's not like me to post twice about the same song, but since the show finished up recently and the full choir version was released, I couldn't help revisiting the song. It's just so damn catchy, and the performance by the Makuhari Sogo High School Chorus Club was fantastic. Check out some more of their stuff here, by the way.

Here, have a picture of Mahiru and mini-Wakana! They're awesome.

This transcription, with full three-part voice and piano lines, was a lot of fun to work on. The harmonies were all fairly straightforward, with perhaps a few bars of exception. The voice parts were enjoyable to figure out as well, and it was cool to see myself unconsciously calling upon a lot of the rules I learned in my music theory classes. Putting together the Synthesia tutorial after the transcription, however, was less fun because uncooperative software was uncooperative. Still, what's done is done, and here's the video for your viewing/learning pleasure!

Composer: Shiro Hamaguchi
Date Completed: 2012-10-20
Software: Finale 2008, Fraps, Synthesia, SynthFont, Movie Maker
Instrumentation: Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Piano

Those interested in the sheet music can find it here, and for those interested in giving the piano part a shot in Synthesia (it was pretty hard for me =X), the MIDI's here. Thanks for dropping by, and enjoy!

Also, watch Tari Tari. It's a really cute little feel-good show. :)




  1. I luv it! Tari Tari was such a good show. I was really sad when it ended.

    1. Yep! Agreed with you there, and with great music to boot. (Also, I'm liking your icon...Anohana, right?)

    2. Yup!!!
      Ano Hana I think is the first anime that made me cry! ^^