David Song
fireteam.torch (at) gmail (dot) com


Skyscribing (2009)
for mallet quartet: Score; MIDI realization

Macabre Waltz (2009)
for solo violin: Score; MIDI realization

Variations on a Suona Folk Tune (2010)
2010 Rare Music Contest Winner - see announcement
for recorder quartet: Score; MIDI realization

Nightfall (2010)
I. Moonrise  for solo marimba: Score; MIDI realization
II. Starrise  for solo vibraphone: Score; MIDI realization; Video
III. Sunrise  for solo xylophone: Score; MIDI realization


Saria's Song (2006)
from Legend of Zelda: the Ocarina of Time, saxophone quartet: Score; Parts; MIDI

Dream Land (2006)
from Super Smash Bros, mallet quartet: Score; Parts; MIDI; Performance

Lonely Rolling Star (2007)
from Katamari Damacy, mallet quartet: Score; Parts; MIDI; Performance

Butter Building (2008)
from Kirby's Dream Land, mallet quartet: Score; Parts; MIDI; Performance

Tribute to Super Smash Bros. (2011)
Commissioned for Duke Chamber Players, April 2011 - see announcement
from Super Smash Bros, chamber orchestra:Score sample; Parts; MIDI realization; Performance

Pokémon String Medley (2011)
from Pokémon, string trio: Parts; MIDI

Video Games

S.U.C.K. (2013)
for St. Louis Game Jam, September 2013: Info; Game; Music
- Puzzle-platforming game that utilizes a first-in, first-out vacuum to manipulate the environment
- Game design, music composition & programming

Race the Rainbow (2014)
for Global Game Jam, January 2014: Info; Trailer; Game; Music
- Color-based local multiplayer racing game: your color determines your track layout
- Game design & music composition

Spaceship: Ocean (2014)
for Ludum Dare, April 2014: Info; Game; Music
- Exploration game with customizable ships and unique circuit-based control scheme
- Game design & music composition

Articles/Writing Samples

Paradigm, Paradox: Li Jinhui and Nie Er (2009)
for AMES 184: Download PDF

Bridging East and West in Nobuo Uematsu's Final Fantasy Music (2011)
for MUSIC 201: Download PDF

Music Technology Projects

Project SoundSpace: HorrorScape (2009)
- Dynamic space in which users' movements reflect real-time evolution of sound
- Installed in North Carolina Museum of Science and Life: Halloween 2009

Quantitative Sequence Analyzer (Work In Progress)
- Java-based software to automatically generate permutations of musical sequences