Thursday, December 19, 2013

Tutorial: Gogo no Junjou (Kuragehime)

I've been on a josei roll of late. Sakamichi no Apollon is one of my favorite shows ever so I already had a soft spot for the genre, but I recently watched Kuragehime, Honey & Clover and Nodame Cantabile all in a row, and they were all pretty great. Kuragehime in particular had a cool little piano insert song with a metronome, so I decided to put together some sheet music.

...Of course, I finished this tutorial before I ever watched Kuragehime, so most of that previous paragraph is irrelevant.


I was struck by this piece in particular because of its neat classical sound and ternary form, and because it sounded like so much fun to transcribe. It was, indeed, a lot of fun to transcribe; lots of arpeggiated passages and fairly predictable structure, and none of those annoying tricky chords that I always have trouble with. Then, like all music that I transcribe but am too lazy to actually learn, I put together a Synthesia tutorial! Check it:

午後の純情 (Kuragehime Insert Song)

Composer: Makoto Yoshimori
Date Completed: 2012-10-23
Software: Finale 2008, Fraps, Synthesia, Movie Maker
Instrumentation: Piano

Here is a link to the sheet music. It's a pretty fun technical piece; enjoy! And if you're looking for a funny, feel-good show, give Kuragehime a chance; I think it's definitely worth the watch.



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