Saturday, June 25, 2011

Remix: Hot Crater Act 2

Rewind to this time three years ago, to the summer after my freshman year of undergraduate college. Bright-eyed and with my life mercifully free of stressful plans, I decided to take the summer off to just hang out. Along with many fun adventures (among them attending many a card-gaming tournament and completing several role-playing video games), I discovered OverClocked ReMix. It was a profound moment in my life, both in a motivational and completely confidence-crushing manner. On the one hand, the amazing artists of OverClocked ReMix produced absolutely stellar music, no less than works of art, but on the other hand, I wondered if I would ever be able to write music at the level of OCRemix artists.

Anyway, that introduction paragraph, apart from being a pitch for OverClocked ReMix (check them out, for serious), was to serve as an introduction to the program FL Studio, which many OCRemix artists use to produce their music. I've recently started learning how to use this powerful piece of software by downloading the demo version of the program (random aside, naming part of this program "Toxic Biohazard" is not a good idea...yay antivirus software!). While playing around and getting familiar with the program's operation, I decided that I might as well remix a piece of music (since luckily, the demo version set no limits on the number of songs you could export). For this, I chose music from the level Hot Crater from Sonic Advance 2, hands-down my favorite track from that game. Here's the original for reference, and below is my remix!

Hot Crater Act 2: Remix

Hot Crater Act 2: Remix by fireteamtorch

Composers: Tatsuyuki Maeda, Yutaka Minobe & Teruhiko Nakagawa
Date Completed: 2011-06-25
Time: ~6 hours
Software: FL Studio

I had a lot of fun writing this remix. FL Studio is a completely different beast than what I'm used to handling with Finale 2008, but it was intuitive and unique enough to capture my interest immediately. I particularly liked playing around with the effects, as that was something extremely hard to implement in Finale that is a breeze in FL Studio. Sadly, the demo version didn't allow me to load the saved version of this song, which eliminates the possibility of editing it, but I nonetheless learned a lot from making this track. I'd love to hear your comments and suggestions! I definitely still have a lot to learn about music mixing.

And because it seems pertinent to mention it here, I have a SoundCloud account now! It's here or in my "Links" tab, so drop by if you get a chance, please! A few of my other almost-polished mp3s are featured in my account. Hopefully I'll be putting more up there soon!

Have a great rest of the summer!



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