Monday, July 25, 2011

Aesthetic Update #1

So you may have noticed that my blog looks a little...different. I finally decided to amend the layout from a subliminal McDonald's advertisement to a more personal, music-themed getup (hence that whole "eternal sonate" thing). Tragically, my blog now resembles something that an anime-obsessed middle-school girl might put together. Alas.

For the record, this is the blog formerly known as "Under Construction." Ironically, this layout is considerably more under construction than its previous incarnation; I clobbered this entire thing together using MS Paint, haphazard editing of other people's scripts, and much advice from friends; it leaves a lot to be desired. I'd appreciate any suggestions/tips; please leave some comments if you have them!

Finally, for those curious, the random anime girl gracing the banner is FL-Chan, the personification of Image-Line's FL Studio. I've only seen the dancing-sprite version of FL-Chan in the program so far, but evidently she can sing as well. I'll end this post with another picture of her, just cuz she's so darn cute. :P




  1. <---- MOE!!!!!!!!!!!

    David, I agree with the "anime-obsessed middle-school girl" statement :P But the background is awesome (especially when you pulled it together using MS Paint :P)

  2. XD Awesome David! Don't worry, we all get obsessed with anime at some point, the shows themselves or the music. Many a theme song has run rampant in my brain in the past...